A way to tell her, I miss her.

When don't you cross my mind?

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I’m about to get into a longdistance relationship, but I had amazing sex with this girl who lives in my dorm this weekend. Like that shit was on point. I’m confused. 

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I wish I could have an opportunity to have sex with her again. I totally came within like 5 mins… It was probably the worst sex of her life, she probably didnt enjoy it at all. I wish i could re do that night.

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I finally had sex with the girl I’d fallen so hard for last semester. But now I wonder if it was worth it? It was not how I imagined it would be like at all, it was rushed, drunken and frantic. But now she know feels upset about it, and I might lose her as a close friend. I would take it back if it meant I could keep her as a friend. I wish she knew how I felt.